Gen Con 2012

Steampunk folk music? Heck yeah!

Gen Con 2012 was pleasantly exhausting. Three days later and I am still recovering from the flurry of activity but I still have a big smile on my face. It was a great year. I got to play a lot of my favorite games while also trying out some new ones as well. I probably spent way too much in the exhibitor hall but what the heck, it’s Gen Con baby!

Wizards of the Coast impressed me with the new spread for the Dungeons & Dragons Experience. While I will lament the move away from Baldman’s con in Fort Wayne I think the new setup does a better job of highlighting D&D and bringing it to the fans, old and new alike. Now Baldman can expand his convention beyond D&D and WOTC can spread the love for their game. This is a win-win for everyone.

The crafting seminars were moved deep into the Crowne Plaza this year which was very strange. It felt like we were somewhere else besides Gen Con and with the constant string of trains passing over interrupting workshop instructors it was bothersome. Although I still managed to complete a cool chainmail dice bag before my class ended so I am happy about that.

Foam weapons will be a permanent part of my Gen Con experience. The whole family loved it.

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