While exploring the interwebs I recently stumbled across an interesting website, Each week the website provides a new fantasy adventure with statistics for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. These adventures can be played in their unique world which is being revealed piece by piece as each module is published each week. Or game masters can easily adapt the adventures to be played in any fantasy setting they desire. These adventures can be run straight from the website using unique features (like embedded audio) or you can download a PDF of the adventure.

For free users can gain limited access to the website to check out the service. Two adventures are available to try out which can be downloaded one-time only. For a monthly subscription of $9.99 users gain access to every adventure on the website and you can download two adventures a month. An annual subscription for $99 (a savings of $19.98 over the monthly sub) user gain access to everyone on the website, bonus materials and unlimited PDF download. They also offer a PDF purchase option for individual adventures.

For gamers still playing D&D 3.5 of fans of the Pathfinder RPG this is a great website because the non-stop stream of adventure modules is more than enough material to keep most gaming groups busy having fun. A quickly growing community has formed on the website as well.

Not too long ago started organizing the Community Dungeon Build #1 on the forums. Jonathon Nelson produced a dungeon map with 30 rooms. Members of the community choose which room they want to develop into a deadly chamber worthy of being called old school. Submissions are still being worked on and there are still several rooms to be selected.

Gamers looking for a great resource with a growing community should check out this website. I geek and I think you will too.