Unearthed Arcana

A premium reprint of the original book by Gary Gygax

Wizards of the Coast really is rolling out the red carpet when it comes to supporting older editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Yesterday premium reprints of Unearthed Arcana 1st Edition hit the streets and those of us who didn’t have ragged old copies sitting on our shelves were finally able to get our hands on this classic product. To be honest anyone who has played D&D with older gamers knows our beloved grognards have a love and hate relationship with this book. Some love it as the best thing to ever happened to D&D. Some hate it, well, as much as a grognard can hate just about anything. Sorry grognards, you know I love you and you’ll always be OGs to me.

None can deny it advanced the game in interesting ways and the changes it introduced have echoed through every edition since. These premium reprints are┬ábound like WOTC’s premium reprints of the three core books (so they look nice together on your game shelf). At $49.95 I only recommend this product for the avid collector or those who really can’t get their hands on it anywhere else. Amazon.com is selling it for just over $30 which is a much more reasonable price.