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Falling Scales Chapter Two

The final chapter in the Falling Scales chronicle.

If you thought Denver was a rough city (in the World of Darkness) you haven’t seen anything yet. Welcome to Washington D.C., capital of the United States of America and home to a million and one conspiracies. One of those conspiracies has ruined your life… forever. The least you can do in thanks is to bring down the shadow organization responsible for your ruination.

This is the second and final chapter of the Falling Scales chronicle. Originally the plan was for the series to have four chapters but after much consideration behind the scenes it was cut short.

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Hell's Door Opens

The first novel in Jon Creffield’s ‘Hell’s Door’ series.

I recently had the pleasure of reading Jon Creffield’s Hell’s Door Opens for review. Check it out on Flames Rising DOT com.

Reaper Miniatures

This fire giant is one of the miniatures Reaper will be releasing as part of the Bones line.

I love miniatures. I love miniatures a lot! I play quite a few miniatures games including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and Warmachine (man, that is a lot of “war”). I also play several games which are not considered miniatures games but which include miniatures in game play like Dungeons & Dragons 4E, Savage Worlds and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Even outside of playing games with miniatures I rather enjoy the process of painting. It is a very zen-like, calming experience for me. The only drawback to this hobby is the cost which can be quite substantial.

In March Reaper came to the rescue! They launched the Bones line of miniatures which consists of the same minis I have enjoyed over the years but they have been molded in plastic instead of metal. Needless to say this has dropped the cost of each mini substantially and it put a smile on my face. Slowly more and more minis have been leaking into the line… until now. Reapers has launched the Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution of Gaming Miniatures on Kickstarter.

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Ambush in Absalom

Paizo’s first PSQ.

Paizo recently launched their revamped “Get Involved!” program which was previously known as the Open Call for writer submissions. I could go into the long and the short of it but basically the old program was not working well for Paizo. Nor was it working well for writers who were submitting their work for consideration. Out with the old! In with the new!

Under the new program writers submit 2000-word mini-adventures which showcase the skills of the writer for Paizo and provides the company with adventures which only need a little bit of work to be ready to publish. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Ambush in Absalom is the first Pathfinder Society Quest (PSQ) scenario and is being used to demonstrate the kind of work Paizo is looking for. Download it for free and check it out.

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Pathfinder RPG Advanced Race Guide

Options, options, options…

Finally! After a long period of development and an open playtest involving more than 50,000 gamers the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Race Guide has hit the shelves. To cut to the chase this book lives up to all of my expectations in every regard. Not only does it provide an immense number of options for the standard races but it also presents thirty new races as well as a system for gamers to create races of their own.

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Dark Roads and Golden Hells

Think “Manual of the Planes” for Midgard but with more material to work with.

I just finished reading Dark Roads & Golden Hells. This game supplement was developed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game to be used with the Midgard setting by Open Design (a.k.a. Kobold Quarterly). I usually enjoy books like this but this one was especially nice because it is packed full of not only material I can use with the PFRPG but with just about any game I can think of. “Premise Zero” of this book is Plug and Play and it definitely lives up to that. I even found some inspiration for my Mage chronicle.

You can read my full review here on Examiner DOT com.

Star Wars the Old Republic

Free to Play you say? Time to strap on my lightsaber and a blaster. Let’s kick some galactic butt.

Do you like Star Wars? Do you like video games? Then you should like Star Wars the Old Republic! Wait, what!?!

Let’s just say Star Wars the Old Republic has had a rocky start. Lots of players at launch with a steady trickle out the door since then. For most gamers the problem has been we’re not getting enough game for the monthly fee we are paying. Well, Electronic Arts and Bioware have been listening and this fall they are making some major changes to the game. SWTOR will be going Free to Play sometime this fall. Check out my article and “may the Force be with you.”

Impact! Miniatures

impact! Miniatures is an Indianapolis based company.

Impact! Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter to help fund the creation of 14-sided and 18-sided dice. With the inclusion of these dice gamers will be able to get their hands on every type of die from four-sided to 20-sided with no difficulty at all. Check it out.


Play a demo at the Catalyst Game Labs booth at Gen Con in August

Command your fleet of steampunk airships in the skies over Europe in 1910. Bring your enemy to heel for king and country. Win the future or die like the rest. Leviathans is a miniatures game of steampunk airship combat being developed by Catalyst Game Labs.

Gary Gygax Day!

Gary Gygax

Gary at Gen Con 2007.

Yesterday (July 27) was Gary Gygax Day. As has become traditional I wrote a short testimonial about the impact of the work of both Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.

July 27 is Gary Gygax Day