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Wow, August going into September has been a busy time for me. Besides my usual articles, reviews and the ongoing job hunt I am also working on three submissions for gaming related products. The first two are adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (going to two different companies) and the third is a short story which I hope will be picked up for a fiction anthology for an indie game. I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Alas, such is the way of life. I just keep slamming back the [drink of choice] and pounding away at the keyboard.

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Wow, that is a lot of articles. I need to stay on top of those.

Stay frosty my fellow geeks and gamers!

Reaper Miniatures

This fire giant is one of the miniatures Reaper will be releasing as part of the Bones line.

I love miniatures. I love miniatures a lot! I play quite a few miniatures games including Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and Warmachine (man, that is a lot of “war”). I also play several games which are not considered miniatures games but which include miniatures in game play like Dungeons & Dragons 4E, Savage Worlds and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Even outside of playing games with miniatures I rather enjoy the process of painting. It is a very zen-like, calming experience for me. The only drawback to this hobby is the cost which can be quite substantial.

In March Reaper came to the rescue! They launched the Bones line of miniatures which consists of the same minis I have enjoyed over the years but they have been molded in plastic instead of metal. Needless to say this has dropped the cost of each mini substantially and it put a smile on my face. Slowly more and more minis have been leaking into the line… until now. Reapers has launched the Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution of Gaming Miniatures on Kickstarter.

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Play a demo at the Catalyst Game Labs booth at Gen Con in August

Command your fleet of steampunk airships in the skies over Europe in 1910. Bring your enemy to heel for king and country. Win the future or die like the rest. Leviathans is a miniatures game of steampunk airship combat being developed by Catalyst Game Labs.

Impact! Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures specializes in fantasy sports minis.

Impact! Miniatures is adding Cthulhu inspired miniatures to their impressive line up of fantasy sports miniatures. Check out the article on Examiner.

Impact! Miniatures kickstarts Cthulhu Mythos miniatures