Haunted Temples Map Pack

More tools for the dungeon master's toolbox

Wizards of the Coast have released the newest support product for the tactical play style of Dungeons & Dragons 4E. The Haunted Temples Map Pack is a collection of three full-color, double-sided maps which come in packaging which converts into a convenient envelope to protect the maps in transportation and storage.

The map pack includes a brand new map depicting two scenes. One is an abandoned cathedral which is falling apart and the other is a chapel and graveyard combination. The other maps include a wickedly evil throne room, a heaped bone yard, a magma filled ruined temple and a two-story arcane library (not really a “haunted temple” but it is a very nice map).

The art work on these maps is absolutely incredible and each is a well-designed setting for any number of scenarios. A lot of thought went into the detail on these set pieces and it definitely shows in the final product. Chris Perkins talks a bit about the design process behind producing these high quality maps in Battle Map Bonanza.

The only drawback to this product would be for those gamers who already own the two poster maps which appeared in previous products. However, for gamers who put their products to the test and live with some wear and tear this is a great way to replace damaged maps.

Although this product was designed for Dungeons & Dragons 4E it works well with any edition of the game or any game which utilizes miniatures in game play.

This product retails for $11.95 which is a reasonable price. Gamers in Central Indiana and Indianapolis can find this product at your favorite local gaming store (Game to Die For, Gamerz, The Game Preserve, Saltire Games, etc).

Originally posted on Examiner.com by Michael Holland, Indianapolis Games Examiner.

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