Eclipse PhaseEclipse Phase, the Roleplaying Game of Transhuman Conspiracy and Horror, has been hitting all the right notes since its release in August of 2009. In 2010 it won three Ennies medals for Best Writing (Gold), Best Cover Art (Silver) and Product of the Year (Silver) while also winning the Origins award for Best Roleplaying Game of the Year. Posthuman Studios, LLC has a lot to be proud of.

The artistic elements of the game are impressive. The concepts of the game are expansive and tap into areas of science fiction which are quickly becoming more and more popular. The mechanics of the game are solid. The sheer volume of the narrative gamers can immersive themselves in is mind boggling. Eclipse Phase is awesome. Eclipse Phase is… intimidating.

For everything this game can boast about the one thing it lacks is the ability to allow players to give a quick once over of the core book and jump straight into their first game. The scope of the game and sheer volume of unique terminology makes much of the book difficult to access without spending some serious time with it.

Posthuman Studios LLC addressed those issues with the release of the Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules (QSR) in PDF format and with the release of the same product for Kindle users. The QSR parsed down the setting and the rules making them much more easily for new gamers to absorb.  This was exactly what the game needed to introduce new gamers to Eclipse Phase and it is offered free of charge.

To further expand on availability Posthuman Studios LLC has made the QSR available for Print on Demand through DriveThruRPG. Costing only $7 plus shipping and handling it is now easier for gamers to bring the QSR to the game table while also providing access to game stores who want to provide the product to their customers as well.

Gamers and game store owners interested in purchasing printed copies of the QSR should visit DriveThruRPG or go directly to the Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules listing for purchase options.

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