term “gaming” can cover a very wide range of topics ranging from video game player  to miniature enthusiasts to those who enjoy role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and others. Those who play electronic games (video games on consoles, PC or even phones these days) have always been a majority in the community and their numbers grow each year. However, recently a growing number of younger gamers have been appearing on the scene that not only play video games but also want to explore other types of entertainment as well. Quite simply, older gamers are introducing their children to the hobby and the community is starting to grow once again. To foster the growth of the younger members of the gaming community DriveThruRPG is teaming up with other community leaders to host Teach Your Kids to Game Week.

The weeklong event begins on November 14th and lasts until November 21st and there are many ways gamers can get involved with their children in the event. On Facebook gamers can sign up to attend the event, share testimonials about their gaming experiences with their children and get all the latest event information as the week progresses. Information about the event is also flowing through DriveThruRPG’s new Google+ page. The most important way gamers can get involved to play games with their kids and get them excited about being a part of the community.

The game shelf is the easiest way to do that. Your kids have been watching you for years so it may be the same games they have been watching are the ones they are most interested in. If you are not sure that your favorite games are the best place to start your children DriveThruRPG is also offering several fine products which make excellent choices for new gamers here.

NewbieDM is an Ennie-nominated blogger and is also the creator of rpgKids, as featured on rpgKids is a role playing game he created when his four year old daughter took an interest in the Dungeons & Dragons games he hosted in his home. He shared the product on his blog and the game has taken off from there. In October he released an Adventure Pack which gives parents four additional adventures to play with their kids. rpgKids v1.5 can be purchased on for $2.99 and the Adventure Pack is available for $3.99 or you can purchase a bundled product for $4.99 (a savings of $2).

Lego has also gotten into the young gamer market with the Lego Heroica line of products. Each game in the series uses legos to build dungeons and then you and your children play adventures competing to complete the dungeon adventure first (usually by defeating the big bad guy at the end of the dungeon). Lego Heroica products can be found in any toy store and most of your favorite superstore locations (Walmart, Meijers, etc).

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